Engagement, Superstition Mountains

June 20, 2023

Superstition Mountain Engagement Session

There’s something so beautiful about this Superstition Mountain engagement session for Layla and Wyatt; it’s that these mountains hold significant meaning to me. It is close by to where I got married at Superstition Manor. It is also special to these two, who are getting married this fall at their home which is towards the base of these mountains. There are so many stunning venues that overlook these mountains such as Superstition Manor and The Paseo.

Layla and Wyatt truly were SO much fun for their engagement session. It was fully THEM. They dressed in a western feel. They chose a location that meant something to them. From Wyatts and Layla’s cowboy hats, to their whiskey shot, and their beer pour, their session was truly catered to them and their love story. Although we didn’t get to use their animals in their engagement session, you better believe we will get ALL the photos of them with their animals when I photograph their wedding in a few months. They have not only horses, but donkeys, and the cutest dogs!

These two love not only animals, but their alcohol as well (responsibly of course), so of course we had to do a lot of fun shots with the different kinds that brought them together. Champagne, because of course you have to pop some for your engagement photos. Whiskey, as they both love a good shot of their Bourbon Brothers Bond. Lastly, a nice Bud Light pour into Wyatts mouth, which Layla missed almost completely. It was so much fun getting to do these unique things during their engagement session and I can’t wait to see what their wedding brings!

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