Mariah and Brandons cloudy Arizona desert engagement session was something out of a dream. Out in the beautiful Phoenix desert, we made nothing but magic!

Engagement, White Tank Mountains

June 14, 2023

Cloudy Arizona Desert Engagement Session

As an Arizona wedding and engagement photographer, one thing I absolutely adore is a cloudy Arizona desert engagement session. The light is diffused beautifully. The landscape pops since there is no bright sun. Everything is just so much more magical. When Brandon and Mariah traveled all the way up from Sierra Vista for their engagement session, I was a bit worried because it was supposed to rain. I did not want to have to reschedule since they were making a 3 hour drive. Thankfully the rain held off and we had some AMAZING portraits.

These two met in the most fun and unique way. At the gym! However, it’s not how you would think. Mariah was the one to approach Brandon. Even though I love a good modern day love story (online dating), finding out that these two met in a traditional, yet nonconventional way, was so exciting! Their love blossomed from there and Brandon eventually proposed to Mariah at the San Pedro River, where in a twisting turn of events, it was actually raining! Praying we get no rain on their wedding day at the beautiful Stardance Event Center in Tucson. I think these two have had enough weird weather, especially for their cloudy Arizona desert engagement session.

To say that I am SO exciting for their wedding down in Tucson, that I know will be stunning, is an understatement. I loved watching their love unfold during their engagement session, and I cant wait for this beautiful chapter of their lives to continue. So stay tuned for their stunning Stardance wedding this fall, because it is going to be EPIC!

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