Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa at Gainey Ranch, Wedding

June 9, 2023

Fall Scottsdale Resort Wedding

One thing I truly love about my job is all of the wonderful venues I get to photograph, and this fall Scottsdale resort wedding at the stunning Hyatt Regency Scottsdale was no exception. With it being my first time photographing here, I was a bit nervous. However, this resort is one of the most stunning ones I’ve had the honor of working at.

The colors that Nicole and Matt chose for their beautiful fall Scottsdale resort wedding truly complimented everything. Their venue, their decor, and their overall aesthetic. The darker maroon tones with the navy blue of the boys’ suits were truly stunning. With Matt having kids before he met Nicole, it was a very special moment to find out that they weren’t having your traditional wedding party. Their wedding party was made up of Matt’s 3 children, and Nicoles niece. She decided to do a first look with not only Matt, but also one with his kids. I can’t say I had a single dry eye. It was such a special and beautiful moment for them to have shared as their family was soon becoming a blended family of 5.

Matt and Nicole traveled all the way from out of state to have their wedding at the breathtaking Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa. They loved the beautiful views that Arizona provided; a completely different type of scenery from where they are from, where it’s green everywhere. Hearing their love story, watching it unfold, and seeing how they decided to integrate their two families together was so beautiful to watch. They even decided to do a sand ceremony, but included their kids in the mix to signify their blended family.

I can’t say congratulations enough to this beautiful couple. They truly deserve it. I loved watching every aspect of their day unfold and see just how excited they were for it. No matter what happened. They had each other. They had their family. Nothing could go wrong that day, because they had it all. Congratulations again Matt and Nicole. I wish you two so many beautiful years of love and happiness!

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