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July 29, 2022

Chandler Twin Lifestyle Newborn Session

The sweetest babies that were prayed for, for so long. So many prayers were answers. So many blessings were given. Not only with one baby, but two. Twins. A boy and a girl. Oaklee and Walker were absolute dreams during their lifestyle newborn session at their home in Chandler, Arizona. I heard them cry maybe a handful of times, which was only when we were transferring them from one wrap to another, otherwise, they slept the entire time and were absolutely perfect. I could not have asked for a better session. As an Arizona Lifestyle Newborn Photographer, I take pride in giving my clients a peace of mind during their session that babies will do what they want because they are hard to predict, but these two were nothing short of amazing.

With the MANY newborn sessions I’ve done all through Arizona for over 6 years, I was SO nervous to photograph twins. It was a first. I’ve dealt with one baby, so many times, some of which were NOT happy during their entire session. These two barley made a peep. They slept 90% of their session.

I have been photographing Sam and Drew’s photos since they were engaged. I photographed their wedding in Sedona, and their annual Christmas photos every year after that. These babies were long awaited and I’m sure both their parents can say it was SO worth the wait. Sam and Drew struggled with infertility, and went in for so many different procedures before they finally decided to do IVF. They originally only transferred one embryo, but God knew they needed two babies, and it split which gave them two miracle babies.

I am SO excited to watch these babies grow over the years. They truly are miracles and are so loved. Congratulations again to Sam and Drew on their beautiful babies.

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