Vendor Retreat

July 22, 2022

Phoenix Wedding Vendor Retreat

Sometimes in the wedding industry, there is so much competition over community, when it should be the complete opposite. That’s why Taylour with Old School Tap created the First Annual Phoenix Wedding Vendor Retreat; for wedding vendors in the Phoenix area to meet up with each other, network, and create connections to help each other in business. She setup her vintage bar truck outside of the property to show off Chucks amazing look that can be used for so many different events. Everyone left their business cards and brought some of their products. Myself and Laurasia from Ooh Lala Photography took photos for everyone to use on their social media profiles.

I loved getting to know some of the other vendors in the area from desert companies, other photographers, and sign creators and designers! Of course, I will link everyone below so that you all can check them out for yourselves either for your own wedding, or as a fellow wedding vendor so you can connect with others. It truly was a blessing to meet so many amazing individuals, both new and for others I have known and love.

We got to go to the amazing CT Brothers Groovy Getaway property since Taylour had a 70’s theme, as you can see below, matched the property perfectly. We all dressed up and had so much fun! Everything was so groovy from the bell bottom pants, to the circular glasses and afros. I am so excited for the next Phoenix Wedding Vendor Retreat next year, and see what the theme is. Let me know below what some themes should be for the next Vendor Retreat!

Old School Tap
Rock You Entertainment
DJ Wyzeman
Brittany Nemec Photography
Ooh Lala Photography
Four Peaks Brewery
The Ct Brothers
Jones Creatives
J Designs
Sip + Sweets AZ
Saguaro Stationery
Arch and Arrow
Lettered by Madi
Best Bite Cookie Co.

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