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June 3, 2022

Wedding Day Details + What to Bring to Take your Images to the Next Level

Simplicity or intricacy is a question I ask myself everytime I photograph details and flatlays at the beginning of a wedding day. Sometimes it’s a simple answer as some of my brides truly don’t have a lot of things for their details. However, there are times where they have everything under the sun (which I am totally obsessed with). Countless times I get asked by my brides “What should I bring for my detail shots?” And the answer is easy; whatever you feel is important to YOU to have photographed. I always send my brides a list about a week or so before their wedding day in order for them to prepare everything in advance so this portion of the day goes smoothly and we don’t have all of your bridesmaids looking for all of your details.

So here’s a list of things to bring on your wedding day and set aside for your photographers in order to get the most stunning and detailed flatlays:

Invitation Suite
-All of your paper products for your wedding, including envelopes. Your invitation gives all the details about your big day, so of course we want that! I also love photographing your “Details” and “RSVP” cards. Some brides even have their ceremony programs and reception dinner menus; so if you have them, include them!
-If you are financially able to have your invitations made by an actual stationery small business, I highly recommend you do it. They’re always so much more intricate and detailed, they also look more high end in my opinion. And of course, you’re supporting a small business!
Some of my favorite Stationery companies are:
Saguaro Stationery
Paper + Petals

-This includes ALL THREE rings; your engagement ring, wedding band, and your soon to be husbands wedding band. It’s important you have all three!
-Necklace, earrings, bracelets, whatever you may be wearing. Some brides are simple and have only a pair of diamond studs, and some have all three.
-Grooms watch and/or cuff links.

-Some couples have handerchiefs, chains to connect on their bouquets, among other things that have been passed down. Please bring those!

Dress, Veil + Shoes
-The obvious! 😉

-These add an extra element to your flatlays. Sometimes it’s a special scent you bought just for your wedding day, so it’s also a memory of how you smelt on your wedding day which can bring you right back to your special day!

Fresh Florals
-These bring your flatlays to a whole new level. Always ask your florist to leave a few extra florals for me to use on your detail shots. It truly brings so much “oomph” to the photo and makes it POP more!

Any special details you have of your own
-Vow books
-Ring Box
I will have ring boxes and ribbons of my own, but sometimes the shades don’t fully match up, so if you need/want to get one that matches your colors better, or that is customized to you, by all means please do! Here are a list of a few places I love to get them from:
Olive + Oak
Evas Gift Store
Mrs. Box

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