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May 18, 2022

Mikayla + Damian | Payson Mogollon Rim Engagement Session

Windy is an understatement. With 30+ mile per hour winds, Mikayla and Damian’s engagement session was a bit of a struggle. With nothing to block the giant winds coming from the canyon of the Mogollon Rim, Mikaylas dress was flying in directions that it shouldn’t have been (oopsies!).

We took our session a little further back into the wooded area in order to shade ourselves a bit while the wind slowed down. I got these two snuggled up in a cute blanket they brought since it was a bit chilly out; I think it was close to 65 degrees.

Once we got going, it was so much fun. We embraced the chill air and the wind and I got to know the two of them a little better. I learned that these two are high school sweethearts, the absolute CUTEST! Mikayla is a teacher AND a cheer coach. I’m pretty sure she was me in a different lifetime, as that is exactly what I wanted to do back in my high school cheer days.

Mikayla and Damian are getting married at the beautiful Gathering Place up in Pinetop, Arizona. I’m so excited for their wooded dream of a wedding since I will also be working along side some of my favorite vendors! So make sure to stay tuned for their blog from their wedding!

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