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May 9, 2022

Sedona Red Rock Proposal | Collin + Rachel

One of the biggest days of your life. You plan. You prep. You buy not just a ring, but THE ring. The one she’s Pinterested at least a hundred times. Told her mom and best friend about. Subtly mentioned to you. The day is finally here. You’re asking the love of your life to marry you.

Collin reached out to me back in February about proposing to his ten girlfriend, Rachel, who’s mom was also a photographer but in New York. I was completely honored. We planned for weeks. He wanted to do it while they were vacationing in Sedona. The beautiful red rocks in the back. I showed him the perfect spot with red lines on a map drawn out for him. It was a beautiful day in April. I see the two of them climb up the side of the vista while I am trying my best to hid behind the ONLY tree, if you can even call it that, pretending I’m a hiker just taking a break. Once they get to the tip of the overlook, where Collin is going to propose, I pull my camera out and snap away. SHE SAID YES! She was hoping that today was the day, but told me she had no idea it was coming until right before it happened. I loved it. Our planning worked!

We spent the rest of the evening shooting amongst the red rocks until they had to go to dinner to celebrate. I learned about their story, how they net, the whole shabang. Now, they’re getting married in New York! So big congratulations to Collin and Rachel, let the planning begin!

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