Troon North Wedding, Wedding

May 4, 2022

Pearl Wedding | Cloudy Luxury Wedding at Troon North – Scottsdale, Arizona

Rain or shine, the wedding must go on. Thankfully for Erin and Jon’s wedding, the rain stayed at bay and they had a gorgeous wedding day.

Their friends and family came to celebrate them at Troon North Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona, where they had a gorgeous ceremony with the aisles lined with fresh florals, and even a bobcat popped in to say hello right before the guests arrived. Such a fun group their bridal party was, from friends they had known since they were just kids.

Not every wedding day has to be sunny, because even though this one had a layer of light clouds covering the sky, they got an amazing sunset to finish off their cocktail hour.

Second Shot For: Steph Wahlig

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