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April 27, 2022

Manning Family | Golden Hour Sierra Vista Session

Sometimes little miracles happen when you least expect them, but they turning into some of the biggest blessings of your life. When you find out you’re pregnant, after you thought your family was complete, ten little fingers and ten little toes change your life forever. Brittani and Chad have two boys and they thought their family was exactly how it was supposed to be, but little did they know, they’d be welcoming their sweet baby girl Braelyn soon.

I have been photographing Brittani and Chad’s life since I first started in photography around 2015/2016 when she got pregnant with her littlest Camden. I have since photographed all of their family photos, their engagement photos, their wedding, and NOW their newest family photos with their sweet girl added to the mix. She completes their family in a way that no words could describe. I have known Brittani since I was about 12 since we cheered on the city squad, and all throughout high school together. I’ve watched her grow up, start her hair career and so much more. To me, she was always meant to be a girl mom; and I think all of her friends and family could agree with me as well. Although she is the most wonderful boy mom with all of their sports, she needed a little sparkle and pink to make her world come full circle.

To watch Chad and their boys with this sweet little baby girl was the most pure love I think I have ever seen. It’s amazing watching a man become a dad, but it’s even more special watching him become a girl dad. They love them differently. More delicately. Braelyn is going to be loved and taken care of so well with two older brothers and her amazing parents. I can’t wait to watch her grow up the way I have been blessed to watch Landin and Camden grow up.

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