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April 6, 2022

Taylor + Austin | Cozy Coffee Shop Engagement

From the moment he knew he wanted to spend forever with Taylor, Austin started a little book with special notes that he wrote to her on special occasions. Then, once the big day came that he finally asked her to marry him, he gave her this beautiful book with all of these memories from over the last 5 years with photos of them as well. Now, that’s not where it started, so let’s take it back.

Taylor and Austin met around 2016 when Austin and Taylors brother played on the same paintball team. Little did they know where things were going to head. Austin later asked Taylor to be his girlfriend at the airport, and eventually they flew together to North Dakota where they now live together; all I can say is brrrrr. Especially considering both Taylor and Austin are from Arizona. I actually even went to high school with Taylor, where her best friend and I cheered together!

Taylor wanted an engagement session that was a bit different than your average desert or green landscape. She wanted something that spoke their love story. Thats where Cafe Mollie in Phoenix came into play. A quaint but hip little coffee shop. Taylor and Austin often spend time together either at their home, or on date nights, drinking coffee and reading books. So what better way to tell their story than in a coffee shop where they could have a cup of joe and read a book or two together snuggled up.

I truly can’t wait for their destination wedding here in Arizona in 2023. It’s going to be a gorgeous one!

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