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December 31, 2021

Brittany + Vinny | Elegant Green and Neutral Private Residence Wedding – Queen Creek

Elegance. Simplicity. Sometimes we think they can’t go hand in hand. Brittany and Vinny blew that notion out of the water with their beautiful Queen Creek private residence wedding. I remember in the early stages of planning, Brittany and Vinny were worried that if they did things a bit more simple and had their wedding in a backyard rather than a venue that it just wouldn’t be as beautiful or feel like a wedding, so they asked for my professional opinion. As you can see, they pulled off an amazing wedding that looked just as good if not better than some venues!

We got to climb to a rooftop sitting area in the neighbors home, where we got some beautiful sunset and mountain views with a gorgeous orange glow. Everything about this wedding was magical. The love that surrounded these two and their union was unforgettable.

Congratulations again to the new Mr. and Mrs. May!

Dress: SOS Wedding Dress
Hair: One Three Artistry
Florals: Lings Moment
Videography: McKay and Dianna Film

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