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November 4, 2021

Frischmon Family | Giant Saguaro Cacti Desert Session

One thing I absolutely adore about my families and couples that I photograph is that they are from all different locations, different walks of life, and they are all just so unique and beautiful in their own ways. Justine and her husband Trevor wanted to have their photos done during their vacation to Arizona. They had done some exploring in the days before, but they wanted to see the beauty of the giant Saguaro cacti we have. Well, I think I delivered because when they saw just how big and beautiful these cacti were they were SO excited. You see, they are from Minnesota, where they are ZERO cacti, so this was a real treat for them.

Their sweet girls were absolutely precious. I got a few little smiles out of them after they warmed up to me being there with a camera in their face. Olive was so gentle and kind; she had a bunny she absolutely adored and carried with her everywhere, so of course we HAD to get a photo with him. Emmie was a little bit more adventurous. How could you not be in this beautiful state with all new things to do and see? These two girls stole my heart at their session, and I am so sad the Frischmon family had to go back home because I had a blast with them!

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