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October 7, 2021

Melissa + Daniel | Cathedral Rock Engagement Session

No one tells you that some of the most magical spots in the world are right at your finger tips. Sometimes it requires a BRUTAL hike to get there, but once you reach the end, the views are out of this world. Something you could never imagine the world has created. Cathedral Rock in Sedona is one of those true beauties of the world.

Melissa and Daniel are avid hikers which is why they decided for their engagement photos they wanted to go to the top of Cathedral Rock. They actually met through a hiking group and they have been hiking together ever since at some of the most amazing spots all over the world. Daniel even proposed to her near the 4th of July during a night hike on one of trails they loves. Fireworks went off as a little added bonus (that Daniel was not aware of, but made the event even more beautiful!).

This engagement session was truly magical and one for the books. I’m so proud of myself for finishing this hike (I’m not joking, it was HARD). To capture such amazing images of such a wonderful couple was truly one of my favorite parts of my “job.” Forever thankful for these two and the opportunity they gave me.

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