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October 3, 2021

Hatch Newborn | Lifestyle Session

One of the highest honors as a photographer is to have a fellow photographer ask you to take photos of their family, and even more so, their newborn photos. These tiny babies are only this small for so long. All of their tiny features. Their hair. Nose. Eyelashes. Fingers and toes.

Baby Hayes was the perfect baby. He didn’t cry a single time during his session. Blakely had to take some convincing and a few snacks, but that’s what toddlers do! She took some time warming up to her brother but we got a few kisses and hugs out of her and it absolutely melted my heart.

Jynelle and Josh are the most gentle and kind souls. The way they parent and talk to their children was such a sweet and beautiful thing to witness. I’m so happy for them and the amazing family they’ve created.

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