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July 1, 2021

Erica + Cole | Romantic Flagstaff Wedding – The Sycamore Venue

The power of prayer. To bless the lives of two conjoining into one. Praying for health, happiness, and many years together. Till death do you part. There was something so special about Erica and Coles wedding day. They decided not to do a first look, but opted to do a first touch which had me almost in tears.

They chose to pray together and say their vows in private. Not a soul around but the two of them (and obviously myself to capture the moment and emotion) to express their love, appreciation, and promises to one another on this next chapter in their journey they were about to embark on as a married couple.

I could tell these two had something so special the moment I met them. They’re both such down to earth souls. They love adventure, but most importantly love one another. They are both such gentle individuals. They’re goofy, especially with one another. Just overall amazing humans and souls. To see them join together, was truly such a blessing.

Their wedding was something straight out of a fairytale and Pinterest board! I was literally in awe; it was a photographers dream wedding. Erica planned their entire wedding in a different city, all while going to nursing school, graduating nursing school, and then taking all of the exams that go along with it. Now that’s dedication and one hell of a woman if you ask me. So many people traveled in for their wedding, which I think is a sign of just how beautiful of a couple these two are. Their loved ones surrounding them on their special day was such a wonderful thing to see. It even rained on their wedding day, and everyone made sure that they didn’t even worry about it. But you know what they say, rain on a wedding day is good luck and that you will have a long lasting marriage. I think it will be 100% truthful with these two. Heres to a million more years together, congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Anderson!

Venue: The Sycamore
Coordinator: Susan Quick – London Street Boutique and Bridal
Dress: Bella Lily Bridal
Hair and Makeup: Bombshell Beauty Bar and Salon
Videography: Everlasting Cinema
DJ: Mr. Music Karaoke & DJ
Floral: Flower Moxie
Cake: Mozelle’s Downtown Bakery

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