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January 31, 2021

Megan & Nick | Adventurous Southern Arizona Couples Session

Adventure. What does it mean to you? To some it’s traveling the world. To others it’s having adrenaline run through their body from doing crazy and extreme sports or activities. Some, it’s as simple as hiking or traveling in their off road trucks and RV’s which is the case for Megan and Nick.

These two were loads of fun. It was the easiest session. Megan is a total natural in front of my camera, I mean look at her, she’s BEAUTIFUL. I was gushing over their outfits because they were simple yet so cute and really represented “them.” Towards the end of their session Nick said he had one request. I was shocked. Almost NEVER do my guys request any type of photos, but of course I said YES! He wanted a photo of them in front of his Land Rover since he has one in his office and wanted to recreate it. My creative juices got flowing and I wanted to do some cute cuddled up photos in the back. These two literally just went with the flow and agreed and I can’t say I am disappointed in the outcome; take a look for yourself!

This adventure session down in the beautiful Huachuca Mountains in Sierra Vista, where I am originally from, was a fun one and I can’t wait to see these two again. Hopefully next time somewhere even more adventurous that we can take their Land Rover, because what else do they really have it for except to go to the most amazing places?!

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