Blackstone Country Club at Vistancia, Wedding

January 8, 2021

Brian + Kristany | Romantic Country Club Wedding – Blackstone Country Club

Tears. Happy tears. Sad tears. On your wedding day, you typically have tears of joy. During times like these, so many bride and grooms are shedding tears over not having their loved ones due to COVID. But sometimes, they can’t be there because they’re watching over your special day from Heaven.

Your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life. Unfortunately it was the best day, and one of the not so great days for Brian at his and Kristany’s beautiful Peoria garden wedding at Blackstone Country Club. Brian’s father passed away unexpectedly a few weeks prior to their wedding. If you knew the, you knew they were the best of friends and did absolutely everything together when they could. To lose a loved one and not have them there on the biggest day of your life is so heart wrenching. I remember throughout the day, I’d see Brian tear up a little and despite COVID “regulations,” I decided to be a human being and just give him a little touch or hug to that he knew someone was there. Kristany’s mom also comforted him throughout the night during some of the special dances, and it was such a sweet moment I loved being able to capture.

Throughout the wedding day, I could tell Brian’s dad was there. The energy shifted at times, the room got quiet, and time stood still for just a moment. I caught a few glimpses of him in some of their photos while editing that I know wasn’t due to sun flare or issues with my camera. Brians dad sure is proud of his son, and he made no mistake in showing it.

These two had the most beautiful day. Kristany’s parents, Richard and Bethany, were true angels and made their day so breath-taking and special. There was so much love surrounding them with the ones they loved most.

To say I am so thankful to have Kristany and Brian is an absolute understatement. They were some of the sweetest individuals. Their high school sweetheart love was one of a kind. I know they’re going to be on of those couples that make it through the hard times they have together because of how much they radiate when they’re around one another and truly care for the other. I’m quite literally in love with their love, it is so contagious. To a million and one more years, I can’t wait to watch you two grow. Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Boettcher!

Wedding Venue: Blackstone Country Club at Vistancia
Dress: Davids Bridal
Tuxedo: DXL – Destination XL
Florals: Sola – Handmade Wooden Florals
Hair: Brooke Martin
DJ: Push Play Entertainment
Invitations: Basic Invite

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