Wedding, Whispering Tree Ranch

December 28, 2020

Chelsea + Daniel | Rustic Chic Wedding – Whispering Tree Ranch

They say rain on a wedding day is a good omen for a long lasting marriage. It was a cloudy day at the Van Loan wedding but right before the ceremony it started pouring down. Many people had umbrellas but I saw an older lady, who happened to be Chelsea’s grandmother, didn’t even have a jacket. It hurt my heart so I took mine off and gave it to her and shot the entire wedding without a jacket in some pretty cold February temperatures. And I’d do it all over again because the couple I was photographing were some of the most selfless and kind individuals.

These two have become so much more than one of my bride and grooms since their wedding almost 2 years ago. They have become friends. They’ve referred me to so many people. They’ve helped me build relationships with so many new people. Let me work with some of the most amazing individuals. I even just recently photographed them again for the first time since their wedding.

To say I am forever grateful for them is an understatement They’ve truly impacted my heart, my business, and my life with their kindness and generosity. I could go on and on about them for days about how beautiful they are as individual peoples and how they truly brighten each others lives up, but I’ll spare you all the sappy details. Enjoy their beautifully rainy and absolutely perfect wedding day!

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