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October 16, 2020

Mariah & Zach | Sedona Engagement

It all started in high school. When you saw that cute boy with the brown hair and those beautiful brown eyes. Your heart beats a million miles a minute. The butterflies fluttering nonstop. Their story began and the adventures followed after.

Mariah and Zach met in high school in Wisconsin where they grew up. With their adventurous hearts leading the way, they moved to Arizona. Mariah is an elementary school teacher, and I think it shows from her kind heart to her gentle nature. The way Zach looks at her, touches her, and just the way the two are like schoolchildren constantly giggling around each other speaks measures to their characters. Their love is pure, one of a kind, and what fairytales are made of.

For their engagement session, we went to beautiful Sedona where Mariah and Zach have hiked continually since they arrived in Arizona. These two are some of the most adventurous and outdoorsy people I’ve ever met, and so was their sweet pup Fredrick! They wanted the beautiful red rocks to represent the new life they built here in Arizona, so I made sure we got them. We walked around one of my favorite trails in Sedona, and we were not disappointed by the views. However, Mariah did get stung by a bee that flew into her dress mid shoot, YIKES! Of course, being the venturesome girl she is, it barley bothered her (on the inside, I was completely freaking out since I hate bugs of all kinds).

To say I loved this session would be an understatement. Mariah and Zach were some of the most in love, and sweetest couples I have ever met. Sometimes it is so hard to get the guys comfortable in front of a camera, but not Zach. He was a natural. Completely in love and awe-struck by his soon to be bride. Of course, with how beautiful Mariah is, she was also a natural in front of my camera. I wish you two so much love and happiness as you continue on into this next chapter of your lives. I can’t wait to hear all about your wedding in Wisconsin!

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