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September 13, 2021

Angela + Chris | Southern Arizona Desert Elopement

Sometimes you don’t always get the love you deserve when you are younger. It takes trial and error with people who you think will love you, protect you and care for you. To build a family with. This was a later in life marriage for both Chris and Angela who flew in from Alabama with four out of their ten combined children.

Something so beautiful about this wedding was how intimate it was. It was Chris, Angela, Angela’s step-dad, and four of her daughters. That was it. We were in the middle of the desert on the side of a road that overlooked the Huachuca Mountains. It was a rainy day, but thankfully the rain stopped just in time for their small ceremony and for their husband and wife portraits. They say it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day!

Angela’s mother passed away not too long ago, and even though she wasn’t physically there, we could all feel her beautiful soul. Angela’s step father married them with a photo of her mother attached to what he was reading. Nothing was sweeter than the love that man felt for his late wife.

With it being a small wedding/elopement, Angela did not have the whole get-up like some do. She had a beautiful western style dress that spoke about her character. She had her hair and makeup done beautifully by two local hair and makeup artists. She didn’t have flowers, but towards the end of their husband and wife session, one of her daughters brought her some handpicked wild flowers; they weren’t the beautiful things you see in elaborate weddings, but they were beautiful to her. She wiped a tear as her daughter ran off to go play in the desert with her sisters. It was something so small yet so special to her that I know she will forever remember when she looks her wedding photos for years to come.

Makeup: Acacia B. Brows and Beauty + Beauty by Ivonne
Hair: Vivid and Braided LLC

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